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Here you will find Legislative and State Policy information that affects South Dakota's children. We will also provide links to relevant Legislative pages to help you stay informed.

SNA Sends Letter to Secretary Vilsack on Distribution

Some states (not South Dakota at this time) have been notified that “due to labor shortages and warehouse capacity” the company will be unable to serve their school meal programs for the 2021/22 school year. As you can imagine, this presents a dire situation for schools and districts that awarded bids to this company last spring and are now scrambling to find a distributor to supply their meal programs in time for back to school. Read the entire letter here.  

Fuel Students for Success - SNA 2021 Position Paper

Check out SNA's position paper on increasing access to breakfast and lunch to help fuel students for success! 

New Resources for Unpaid Meal Charges Released by USDA

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) has released new resources to help tackle unpaid meal charges, including updated fact sheets and communication strategies and payment methods that can help support students and parents. They’ve also uploaded documents that can be adapted for your program, including a Charge Policy Training Presentationtalking points and an excess balance letter and donation form. You can find all of USDA’s Unpaid Meal Charge resources and information on the USDA’s Food and Nutrition Service (FNS) website.

FNS Issues Memo Supporting Administrative Review Cycle Flexibility

USDA’s Food and Nutrition Service issued a memo to provide guidance to State agencies who have determined that the 3-year review cycle hinders effective allocation of State agency resources and negatively impacts program management. FNS will allow State agencies to request waivers of the 3-year review requirement and extend the review cycle.

The memo also noted that FNS “strongly encourages” State agencies to coordinate internally when they administer multiple programs to identify opportunities to streamline the review and participation requirements for Child Nutrition Programs. Specifically, FNS encourages states to allow SFAs to align CNP administrative activities and perform different monitoring activities concurrently, such as administering procurement reviews and administrative reviews on the same cycle.

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Proposals to block grant funding for school meal programs would put students at risk. Utilize the following resources as you advocate to protect our children and preserve school meals:


Unpaid Meals



SNA of South Dakota continues to create a Best Practices sheet to help your community and district. Communities are all unique and one-size-fits-all approach could be detrimental. While SNASD works on SD Best Practices, SNA National has put out talking points found here. 

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